The best part about having the stomach flu is when you’re well enough to dream about all the great food you’ll be able to eat when you get better. The worst part, after the fevers and the nausea and the vomiting and the diarrhea, is the time period when you have to stick to the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, apples, toast) in order to help your stomach transition back to normal again so that you can actually enjoy those foods you were dreaming about rather than develop an aversion to it because it upset it.

Unfortunately, I’m at that stage right now.

Which is probably why I’ve been obsessively watching food videos, like the stuff on and Mark Bittman on I also watched a marathon of Top Chef: DC episodes when I wasn’t feeling too dizzy when I was resting. It’s almost like porn in that I can’t just satisfy myself with just photos on food blogs anymore, I need motion and audio to go along with it.

I’ve been trying to do the BRAT diet, but the best part of it, the bananas, is my SOs number one offender. She will absolutely not buy bananas for me, nor would she tolerate bananas in the house. Very sad because I love bananas. Anyway, I’m sick of rice porridge, don’t care so much for apple sauce, so I resorted to toast. For a couple days, I had a fried egg over toast, and also honeyed toast. But what I really want is a grilled cheese sandwich. However, cheese is a dairy, which can easily upset the stomach. I’m not lactose intolerant, but I can see how cheese could affect my stomach in its weakened state, and there will be no end to my whining.

Here are the things I really want to eat once I get 100% back to normal:
Salmon sashimi, or just sushi in general
Grilled cheese sandwich
Prime rib steak
Baby back ribs
Fried chicken

High fat content. Mmm… Seriously, I also want a really nice, refreshing salad with a light sesame dressing. But no raw veggies either. Argh!


My summer officially started July 4th weekend. I got my project to its Gold Master milestone before my 4 day weekend (with a couple last minute emergencies, of course!), then flew out to Chicago to attend my first ever non-Chinese banquet wedding in Rockford for my coworker.

Things that came to mind:
* Open bar at a wedding is a GREAT idea!
* MIT guys love to air guitar (the groom was in a frat at MIT)
* Drinking games should definitely be started when best man speeches repetitively use certain words or catchphrases. In this case, “Indeed” was the magic word.
* The Electric Slide is an American cultural tradition that I missed out on.
* Choosing couples out of a hat to kiss so that the bride and groom can do the same is not a deterrent to clinking glasses, especially when everyone is inebriated.
* West Coast people miss out on experiencing lightning bugs/fireflies
* Japanese tea gardens in the middle of nowhere U.S.A. can be just as pretty as the real thing.
* Being a member of the UC Botanical Garden gets you free admission to even podunk botanical gardens.

Chicago has a great vibe, and I wish I didn’t have to leave so soon to go to Oregon. But huge extended family awaits!

I only had about 24 hours in Oregon, but got to sample a bit of Portland’s street food offerings such asWaffle Window and Potato Champion. I wish I wasn’t fighting off a cold at the time because my nose was not helping my taste buds. I was also sleep deprived because I’d been up for 23 hours since I had to get up early in Chicago and got 3 hours back coming back to the West Coast. For a vacation, it was a pretty crazy weekend.

I ended up working from home the next day because I wasn’t feeling well, and caught up on Season One of Bones. Now that my hours at work are more sane, I do try to watch an episode or two every night because it really is an interesting show because it’s super intelligent and super gross.

3.5 more seasons to go!