Black Swan and Pair of Love

I haven’t watched many movies lately, but I have watched these two!

Black Swan Art Deco print by LaBoca

Black Swan was an intense schizophrenic ride through the eyes of whom you would think is a passive ballerina dancer. They tout this film as a thriller, but it feels more like a drama. There’s no pre-meditative murders, and you’re not sure if everything that’s happening is completely mental. The scenes that stood out for me the most was when Natalie Portman was trying to clean up her cuticles and ended up peeling the skin off two-thirds of her finger. As a habitual finger biter, this is pretty scary. And of course the other favorite scene was the hot sex between Natalie and Mila Kunis. That was electrifying, I still get chills thinking about it. How many takes did that take! Lastly, I was happily surprised to see Winona Ryder make a sort of “cameo”. I don’t know why it makes me happy, I guess I just haven’t seen her in anything lately. What is she up to nowadays, anyway?

Taiwanese LGBT short film, Pair of Love

Pair of Love is a short film from Taiwan about 4 kids in high school, a pair of girls, and a pair of boys. As with all high school romances, there is angst, and this film is no exception. The actors are cute and likeable, and the soundtrack sounds so mainstream that I felt this was a pilot/pitch to a new Taiwanese drama series or movie. The focus on the characters is interesting. At the start, the guys have some relationship building to do, while the girls are already in a relationship. So you get to see a lot of the boys figuring out where they stand. When the plot thickened, and the pairs have to split due to circumstances, the focus was more on the more hetero-typical halves (ie, the girly girl and the jock), probably because one can easily imagine them getting together, which they did (weak!). The gayer guy had a bit of attention, too, during this phase, but the independent woman lesbian was totally out of the picture! In the end, the guys get a nice shot of them embracing, while the girls are separated, with one leaving the other a box of photographic memories.

It’s true. Gay guys have it so much better in the movies.