JAEJOONG’S essay 2 – “Cats”

There’s a lot to be learned from cats.

There are times when they’re such lazy or silly things.
And yet, when they move, they zoom with such focus…

A cat who enjoys taking initiative and takes its time. You see that it has no friends!
And it seems like it can’t stand things that are half-finished.

What’s more, its personality is honest no matter what.
It thinks that it’s the best in the world.
Because of that, it expresses honestly how it feels, what it likes and doesn’t like.

Actually, I envy cats like that.
Sometimes when I just can’t be delicate with my feelings
I hurt someone, or I invite misunderstanding from the other person.
If I had the honest personality of a cat, at least I won’t leave the other person hanging.

It doesn’t seem thatcats like me.
No matter how hard I try, they won’t even look at me as if they can’t stand me.
It might hate it if it were my pet, but
I want to learn how to  express one’s feelings truthfully, in a way that doesn’t offend, and to love oneself  as well.

Written by JAEJOONG

Translated by PandanWaffle.
Original Japanese translation by berlinfreakei.

Songs Of The Summer: How To Win The Season : The Record : NPR

Songs Of The Summer: How To Win The Season : The Record : NPR.

What these summer songs remind me of:

  • “Party Rock Anthem” – API Equality Flash Mob. I also just danced to this at the local karaoke bar last night when they played it in between songs. “Shufflin’ shufflin’. Stop! Hatin’ is bad.”
  • “Pumped-Up Kicks” – NYC. Hipsters. The first song I played while exploring friends’ playlists on Spotify.
  • That last song – Huh? I guess the Bay Area was never humid enough for this song to play.

(Eng Subs) Daughters of Club Bilitis [Part 1/4] – YouTube

First ever Korean lesbian drama across 3 generations. Kind of like “If These Walls Could Talk”. Rumor has it the public made an uproar and complained about it that they stopped after one episode. But this one episode seems to wrap up on its own nicely. Maybe they shot it this way, knowing what sort of response it’d get.

(Eng Subs) Daughters of Club Bilitis [Part 1/4] – YouTube.

Falun Gong sucks

I participated in my first flash mob today. I, and close to 100 other people who support API Equality, were excited to make this happen right in the middle Chinatown. We made it half through, and then some operatic Chinese music drowned out our music. But we continued to dance and count along to keep ourselves in sync. Then, these banner people started walking through our lines. Drums banged and band people trudged through us. We decided to quit…

A friend told me a woman who was organizing the parade signaled someone to turn up their music to drown us out. Lame. The fact that these people had signs that said “Human Rights for China” and yet they totally walk into what we’re doing. Double Lame! I get that you have a parade at 1PM, but couldn’t you wait for a few more minutes? I understand that you are trying to get visibility for the Chinese Democratic Party and I hate Communist government as much as you do, but that doesn’t make your actions right.

(To be fair, the flashmob wasn’t exactly sanctioned by the city, and the cult parade was, so they had every right to be there when they did… But when you’re flash-mobbing for a purpose, it just feels so much more unfair.)

Stubborn to the core

I love being where I am today. Growing up in the South Bay, one of the highest concentrated Vietnamese communities in the States, there’s the expectation that a Vietnamese cisgendered female should look and act a certain way.

And if you can’t look and act a certain way, the middle ground is a-ok (which, to me, means not sexually appealing)

But if you cut your hair super short, don’t wear make-up, or have the features of a beautiful woman, then what the fuck are you? A boy? A girl? Definitely not Vietnamese, you must be from Hong Kong. Or whatever crazy gender ambiguous trend East Asia is going through now (let’s just not think about our neighbor Thailand).

<begin empowering and affirming rambling>

I am so lucky and proud to have met hot, confident, original, hard-working, tough, androgynous, trans/butch Vietnamese women in San Francisco and Oakland, people that I doubt I would have had the chance to meet otherwise. They inspire me and affirm that we are a passionate bunch, and our struggles to be who we truly are makes us all the more Vietnamese, no matter how much our people try to ignore us, because we are so very fucking stubborn to the core.

</end empowering affirming rambling>