This sounds like spam, but it’s truly a lifesaver. I lost quite a bit of music from my dead hard drive, but remembered that the ones I liked are on my iPod Touch. Unfortunately, iTunes has all these authorization rules that they want to enforce in order to protect their DRM music that you download from their app, but my stuff are from Amazon or friends anyway, so what the heck do they care.

After spending about an hour trying out different freeware/shareware apps, I’ve found that SharePod is a great freeware app for all computing platforms if the original hard drive where all the songs on your iPod came from died. Mine is a 4th generation iPod Touch, and SharePod was able to identify it and copy it to a specific folder on my PC. The GUI isn’t all that fancy, but it’s got all you need to copy to a computer, another iPod, or just to backup. I will definitely be donating to these developers. Don’t bother trying Floola, or Yamipod if you’ve got a current gen iPod.

Back it up

My Macbook crapped out on me over the weekend. Seems like there are bad sectors in the hard drive. I spent 5 days trying to figure out how I could work my understanding of computers and tech to try and recover it on my own, talking to the guy at the Apple Genius bar, researching online for data recovery software, consulting with friends… And in the end, I took it into the repair shop and shelled out $40 for a diagnosis, and if they can recover my stuff, $160 for the whole thing. I suppose that’s worth the time and effort in going the next step and buying a USB to SATA converter and tinkering with software I’m not sure I should trust to try and recover the files with my PC, and waiting for several hours for it to parse through 300GB of data, locked away under some stupid corrupted sectors.

So what happens when even your back-ups fail. Do you make back-ups of back-ups?

Nếu còn một ngày để sống – YouTube

This is why I hate Vietnamese entertainment. They take a beautiful song with beautiful lyrics, and a beautiful classic singer that everyone loves, and then they do this with it. Somehow it feels perverse. Stick with your crappy bubble-gum pop, hip-pop, whatever. Why ruin a melodramatic song by trying so hard to look better than everyone else? It’s not working! I think if people weren’t so shiny, so surgically torn, botoxed, I’d have a better time enjoying this stuff.

“If we had one day left to live”

Let me be like a shadow of a cloud, wandering through this world
Let me look beyond the sky, in the middle of the village of my ancestors
Let me be a song, flying far far away
Let me thank my life, thank everyone
Let me live in the hearts of everyone with these words I sing

If I had one day left to live, take me back to my hometown
So that I can visit villages of old, and dream in my mother tongue
If I had one day left to live, give me a line of prayer
The people I love with warmth and smiles,
Give my children a future of peace of happiness.
If I had one day to live, how would I give back for my life?
How do I give back to all those people, who lifted me from my troubles
If I had one day left to live, how do I redeem myself from my sins
How do I quell my spirit, that blows westward toward the daybreak

Nếu cònmột ngày để sống – YouTube.