Fixie bike death escape

Last night on my way home from kyudo, I was riding home, absent-mindedly processing and relishing the conversations that the people who came that evening were open to talk about with me present. The light ahead of me was green and I was speeding through, but noticed that the crosswalk seemed a bit off to the right from my trajectory.

Suddenly I realized I was headed right into a 5-7 inch curb. Naturally, I knew I had to jump it, but I had no idea whether my rear wheel would clear it, and how I would land. I felt the rear wheel bump the curb, and it tailspinned a bit on landing.

Luckily, with a fixed bike, I’m used to keep on pedaling so when the rear wheel landed, whatever physics concerning torque and angular momentum kept me upright, and I was still in control to keep away from the oncoming cars.

This could have ended so badly!

Long time no see, what’s happenin’?

Hey blog, haven’t written on you for a while. I just paid for another 2 years of hosting, so I better make good use of it. Thanks, Dreamhost, for being so reliable and giving this minimalist user so little trouble, even when I give you trouble.

Anyway, here’s a funny story from today.

I’m headed out to lunch and took a peak at the students checking out the potential incoming freshman who came to find out their exam results to enter the school. Several students had signs to get interest from the freshman, and I’m always having trouble with 器楽部 so, of course, I approach some students with this word on their sign and say “Kirakubu!”, and get some giggles from this, and realized I said it wrong, and probably said something inappropriate.

So I continue and ask, “Okay, why is it (楽) gaku when usually it’s raku?” And they answered “Because music (音楽) is ongaku, so it’s instruments, so it’s kigaku!”

“Oh! I learned something new! Thanks!” and adding a knowing tone and look that they are not the “easy-going club.”

As I walk away, I hear them telling their friends, “I got to teach Cat-sensei something!”

This, dear readers, is how you get kids to step up (And how to hide your embarrassment from them and still be smooth).