I won’t be put in a box by others, but I will do it to myself.

  • My numerology number is 6. This means I work harmoniously with others. I am the glue to teams. But I can be jealous and small-minded.
  • My Enneagram is 9 (Peacemaker), and my wing is 8 (Challenger), from some random test online. Further research needed.
  • My MBTI is between INFJ (Advocate) and ENFP (Campaigner), from 16 Personalities. Yes, I actually paid for this.




I have been turning to astrology for fun and to feed the rebellious part of myself by proving it wrong with some aspect of their personality predictors. But then I discovered Moon signs and Ascendants and found that I’m not just the archer that I thought I was. In a nutshell, your Moon sign is the side of you that represents your inner child. Your Ascendant is the side of you that other people see, your exterior. Your Sun sign is the side of you that you’re growing towards. This gives astrology more depth than I had realized.

I’ve always felt a bit schizophrenic, and discovering how my Sun, Moon, and Rising signs are either polar opposites, and all different elements, makes dealing with life a little easier and makes me feel more connected. It’s nice to be able to know that I can relate to the universe, as I now have the time and space to do personal reflection.

Discovery is life

Happy New Year! 2017 was shitty, but at least I tried, and survived. I hope to be more present in 2018, and to start, I’ll list all the fascinating things I was introduced to during my 2 week trip to America, which makes me feel like I’ve been living under a rock in Japan.

1.Salted Cheese tea – Adds a bit of salty to your sweet boba-less tea drink

2. Blue Star Donuts – Not really impressed. Probably because I played it safe and just ordered the OG horchata donut, when I should have gotten the orange liquer infused creme brulee donut. A quick search shows that they opened a shop in Umeda in September of 2016, but has since closed. Figures. Japan is full of skinny people, and donuts are just gluttonous. And they know the value of their money.

3. Dutch Brothers – The office manager at work keeps referencing it whenever she talks about her time in America (Medford, Oregon), so I figured I’d go and see what all the fuss is about.  They serve the creamiest and richest latte I’ve ever had. I went to one in AZ, and they seem to attract the young crowd.

4. Snappy Dressers – A card game, created by the makers of Uno. A super fun game with so many different ways to play.

5.  Alexa and Google Assistant – Pretty nice tech! Understands me well enough!

I also satisfied my craving for graphic novels:

  • Turning Japanese
  • Kiss and Tell
  • The Best We Could Do
  • Saints (couldn’t find Boxers to complete the set)