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English Cafe brings the best 1st years.

This year, a really excited boy came up. I must have taught a class where I revealed that I liked anime, so he comes along one day and asks what shows I like and asks if I like JRPGs, and that he’s wants to write one in the future. Unfortunately, I’m no fan of JRPGs, but I am so excited to feel such rare passion from a student, so I totally show my support. He recommends to me J-pop groups, like Back-Tick, and recently a horror anime called Kurodzuka 黒塚, a Kamakura period style modern setting based on the story of 姨捨山, the mountain where you abandon your grandparents. At least that’s what I was able to fill the blanks with.

When he first comes up, he would try a few English phrases with me. I would continue the conversation in English, ask him a few questions, and I receive a stream of excited Japanese. I have to tell him to slow down, or explain a few things to me. I told him about a local Game Jam that’s happening at the local university. He hesitates, saying that he’s more of a writer, and will probably focus on that. At least he’s got his priorities straight!

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