I have been turning to astrology for fun and to feed the rebellious part of myself by proving it wrong with some aspect of their personality predictors. But then I discovered Moon signs and Ascendants and found that I’m not just the archer that I thought I was. In a nutshell, your Moon sign is the side of you that represents your inner child. Your Ascendant is the side of you that other people see, your exterior. Your Sun sign is the side of you that you’re growing towards. This gives astrology more depth than I had realized.

I’ve always felt a bit schizophrenic, and discovering how my Sun, Moon, and Rising signs are either polar opposites, and all different elements, makes dealing with life a little easier and makes me feel more connected. It’s nice to be able to know that I can relate to the universe, as I now have the time and space to do personal reflection.

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