Different worlds

Being raised and having worked in Silicon Valley, I should feel very at home living in Japan and working in the same industry that I used to. But after working at my current company for the past year, there’s just a lot of catching up from the rest of the world, or rather Japan, that needs to be done. And I think a lot of foreign people who work in Japan feel this way, from the social to the technical.

Before Trump became president, knowing that I could come home to a country that accepts me for who I am made me less critical of Japan than I would normally be. I didn’t come to Japan to change it, but rather to help whoever I was able grasp what the rest of the world was doing, so that Japan wouldn’t be left behind. In return, I could enjoy its amazing hospitality, hot springs, and nature.

But getting to know people here, especially the ones that have a desire to live true to themselves, has also made me realize that the excuses this country makes to keep people orderly is superficial conformist bullshit. It’s the same bullshit I saw in the Vietnamese community that I grew up and never really got along with in San Jose.

What it does though, is allow roles for people to be of service to their community.

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