Apartment hunting part 2 adventures

I decided to move this year somewhere that’s closer to the river to get out and do bike rides more easily, and have a less stressful bike ride to work. Being in Osaka gives me more time to look for a bigger place that’s more affordable.

I’ve seen 3 real estate agents so far, and my experiences with each of them were totally different. Usually when I approach real estate agents, I try to make sure they know that I’ve been living in Japan for a while now. This seems to have given me the rapport I’m looking for, as the agents usually seem very willing to help me.

Agent #1 seemed like a nice guy, and I found out he’s also a cyclist. So he knows I like to cycle and all, but he didn’t take the opportunity to use it as a conversation starter, which I totally took advantage of, but couldn’t really get the guy to relax. I guess perhaps he knew the listings he was going to show me weren’t going to be all that great. It felt like a waste of a day, and I stopped the search after the 4th viewing.

Agent #2 was super talkative, and showed me the best rooms, but only ones made by Shai Maison, which is a housing development company that builds and rents them cheaply. The two he showed me looked really nice and I was sure I wanted to sign for the last room I looked at, if it was still available after my work review. This guy had a very dark view of the future, that Japanese people will one day become extinct and will need the help of foreigners in order to keep the country running. He told me of the conditions that make it hard for foreigners to rent rooms and that it wasn’t fair. I guess it makes his job harder when there are less Japanese people moving into the city these days due to depopulation, and yet more and more foreigners are coming, but are declined by landlords just for being foreign. He got me sympathizing for him, but his quote for start-up fees was super high and he couldn’t promise too much negotiation, so I want to go to the rental office that’s in charge to see if they can do better.

Agent #3 today was pretty excited to help me, once he got me opening up. I think he could sense that I’m close to choosing a place to live, and he tried to derail me from the Shai Maison developments by informing me how they can put their rooms up for rent so cheaply, and that sound could travel through the walls. I observed that the previous agents who wanted to direct me to those developments are actually agents who work with those companies. Anyway, after getting me to show the few rooms that I was excited about, and getting approvals for a few more that he picked, he sent me home so he could do his homework and find more rooms for us to tour the next morning (tomorrow). I love his enthusiasm for helping me find a larger room for cheaper rent, and am looking forward to seeing what he comes up with tomorrow.

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