Settling in

So I’ve moved! It’s been a few months since moving from Dyke-kokucho, downtown Osaka, away from the tourist hustle bustle, and into a quieter neighborhood. I was lucky enough to snag the room that I originally wanted to sign for. I found out it’s been sitting so long in the market because it’s on the first floor, and not too close to a busy train station. Since I plan to bike to work anyway, this wasn’t a problem for me. My room is almost twice as big, and about $100 cheaper. I wanted a bigger room for more storage, as well as a separate room for visitors and guests to have their own privacy. I also put in a hammock!

And when the weather isn’t rainy, or hot and sticky, I can ride on the Naniwa Cycling Road along the river on weekends. Waiting… waiting…

Since settling into the new place, we’ve been through a mag 6 earthquake and the biggest typhoon Osaka has seen in 25 years. What a housewarming, eh!

Finally, I feel like I’m coming home, rather than to an AirBnB.

Japan has also granted me a 3 year residency, rather than 1! This means I can stay until my next project ships, when I pass the JLPT N1, and when 45 leaves office. Until then, taking deep breaths won’t feel so claustrophobic in this new space.

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