I’m not packing to go home yet!

But I am apparently packing my weekdaynights with things to do that I had to start thinking whether or not I’m overcommitting myself.

Mondays and Wednesdays are free, Tuesdays and Fridays are kyudo, and I’ve just started to take up bouldering on Thursdays.

Every now and then I have to tell myself that being idle is okay. I tend to get out of town on weekends, and my house has been a mess, so I decided to stay closer in the last month.

Within that time, I’ve climbed 800m up the highest peak in Tohoku at 2346m  (without knowing it…), and cycled 40 miles around Lake Inawashiro, the 4th largest lake in Japan, out of 29 recorded on Wikipedia. In all honesty, I did not plan to do these things to make or break records. I just knew that I could enjoy these activities with others, so off I went. I’m still working on doing things by myself.

Why didn’t I do this back home? I can’t really tell you. I had all kinds of excuses: Tired from work, have family functions, saving money. I loved my dragonboat team, but they were getting old. Literally, new recruits were usually in their mid-30s and over, and I was in my mid-20s at the time. I wanted to meet girls.

But then again, I was also going to things like movies, food festivals, performances, conferences,visiting friends, and I was playing video games. City things.

Aizu-Wakamatsu doesn’t have a movie theater, although it does have a proper theater with a stage and projector for showing  special screenings. The last theater that existed had two screens, but it burned down. I bet it was insurance fraud, but what a waste! The closest theaters are an hour away towards the north, east, and west. It’s just more country towards the south, but they have the best ski and snowboard resorts.

I’m already watching a lot of TV and renting movies, so playing video games would only take more time away from learning a new sport or skill. Plus, I tried playing The Last of Us on my TV after borrowing y friends’ PS4, and it was shit.

I used to think talking and sharing knowledge and ideas were the best way to have an exchange with someone. I’m starting to find that I also like to simply experience a physical activity and challenging and encouraging each other.

Outdoorsy people also seem to be the nicest and straightforward people I’ve met. Must be the confidence from being with nature.

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