Cheeky kid

It was around Valentine’s day. Before that, I had pestered students to write me a letter and put it in the mailbox on the English board. This time, a cocky first-year from baseball club told me to write him letter. I accepted his challenge, but I also made him promise to write me back.

In my letter, I commented that he seems like a nice boy and has many admirers. But instead of doing something in particular for someone, I challenged him to write a letter to his parents for Valentine’s Day and tell them how much he loves them.

I put the the letter in an envelope, and picked out a frog sticker to seal it with. When I gave it to him, he was with some of his teammates. They were very impressed that he got a letter from me.

Here was his reply to me a few days later.


He even reused my frog sticker. Little shit!

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