Homosexuality as a class privilege

It feels weird to me that as an Asian-American queer, my coming out process included being seen as white-washing and Western acculturation, but today, there are white queer people navigating academia in the Asian queer context, in search of further legitimize the acceptance of homosexuality in societies.

But this answer to a question about LGBTs in Japan says it best that “sexual relations with the same sex” were “in addition to legitimate heterosexual marriage and family-rearing, and they were appropriate only for men in positions of power.”

I have been contemplating this for a while that historically, being queer is a privilege, and this really hits the nail on the head. So I find non-Asian queer academics who pursue studies on homosexuality in Asian countries to be opportunistic of this class privilege by making themselves the purveyors and experts of this “culture” in the English-speaking world.


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